Captured in fever

“Change is the only constant in life.” *Heraclitus
The new PAN.OPTIKUM production centres on the way people deal with this challenge.
In a selection of images/collage/kaleidoscope based on texts by Ernesto Cardinal, Pablo Neruda and Victoria Hohmann, the young ensemble depicts various facets of coming to terms with this.
The language of expression unites urban dance and rap with PAN.OPTIKUM’s own spectacular artistic elements and objects and fireworks.
An intensive coming together with the audience of the festival city is an important objective, which is why up to 25 local youth and young adults are integrated in the production.
Duration: Approx. 45 minutes


The Pan.Optikum action theatre ensemble made use of the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord as an occasion for a site-specific performance. The foundation was the tale “Von Bäumen” by Victoria Hohmann.

With the powerful texts and imagery of the writer and artist based in Berlin and modern, contemporary choreographies, a total of almost 50 young dancers from Freiburg and Duisburg transformed the hoppers and forecourt of the former Meiderichen smelting works.
These choreographies are intentionally steeped in hip-hop culture, the form of expression understood and advanced by young people from all social classes worldwide.


The tree is rooted in the ground, man is not. The truth lies in the wandering.
Always. {…}
The yearning for rootedness, for homeland…
Rootedness in the ground is no truth.
Man is not rooted in the ground.

from Victoria Hohmann’s book, “Von Bäumen”