The Sacre du Printemps Project

is an international cooperation project between young dancers from Freiburg and Murmansk, Russia.
The choreographies will base on urban dance style, because this is the contemporary kind of expression that will be understand by the young generation world wide.
The scenography will deal with the different facets of the expression sacrifice, (in German „Opfer“ which can be sacrifice and victim – it depends from the perspective). Like to sacrifice our livelihood, our future, our commitments of our societies. But as well the current strategy of populists world wide to defame particular groups of our societies and on the other hand to stage themselves as victims.
The Berlin author Victoria Hohmann will write texts around this complex, wich will be presented byactors as an prolog and epilog and shall give some thought-provoking impulse. For the prolog and epilog our composer Tobias Schwab will be involved again. Because of the corona pandemia, the event is transferred indefinitely.