People Power Partnership


PEOPLE POWER PARTNERSHIP is a participatory theatre project in public space with 14 partners from 11 European countries. 
104 young adults aged between 18 and 25 from all partner cities will develop 13 different site-specific productions and a central performance over the project period, which will then tour to all partners.

After the premiere of the central production in Freiburg on 9 and 10 September the first stop was in Alytus/Lithuania on 30 September. Here is the video of the performance in full length

In the first phase, eight of them always travel to another partner city and create a production in public space with eight other peers from there. This is performed as part of a theatre festival. The themes of these plays are designed for the public space and should deliberately focus on socially relevant issues. To this end, they become authors themselves, i.e. they bring in topics from their personal living environment on the subject of society, living together, ecology, etc. as a basis for the productions.

Under the overarching theme of mirrors, they will be combined visually and dramaturgically so that, despite the diversity and difference of the individual parts, a large artistic whole is created. Hiphop as an urban culture will serve as a further unifying means of expression for both the movement material and the musical realisation.
 They will be supported by a creative team. In this team, participants from the previous Power of Diversity project are now working together for the first time as artistic leaders.  On the one hand, the project stands on its own, but it also continues the success of the POD project in the long term.

In a second phase, the young adults in groups of eight from each of the four partner cities develop a central production that builds on the content of the first 13: after the premiere in Freiburg, they present it in different group constellations and in different versions at all the partner festivals. It will be conceived as a touring production in order to travel internationally even after the end of the project.

 The partners will also accompany the exchange of actors with intensive co-working phases and personal exchange through collaboration in other partner institutions as well as a systematic examination of their concrete audience development strategies and participation activities within the framework of the project. 
These will be accompanied, scientifically evaluated and published by the PH Freiburg.
The project takes the expansion of the term public space seriously and includes virtual public space. A GPS-based gamification app will be used to build bridges between virtual and analogue places during the performances in all partner cities.

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The latest news about the project can also be found on our Instagram and Facebook accounts as well as on the websites of our partners.

The next production dates:

6th May 2023: Umea, Sweden
24th June 2023: Lisbon, Portugal
22nd July 2023: Grimsby, UK
18th August 2023: Varazdin, HR
1rst September 2023: Vilnius, LT
7th October 2023: Girona, Spain

These are the partners of the project:

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Applicant and responsible for the overall project:

The action theatre PAN.OPTIKUM can only realise this project with the support of many sponsors:

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