Power of Diversity

– the crossing lines project

Next dates:
June 1rst- 10th in Folkestone, UK

12 | 05 | 17

Crossing Lines is the title of the European large scale cooperation project: Power of Diversity, co-funded by the Creative Culture Programme of the European Union.
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Power of Diversity – The Countdown is on:

At June 18 all selected participants from the 9 partner festivals will travel to Freiburg, to start at the 19th the six weeks rehearsing in Freiburg.
Then 30 young adults from 10 European cities will develop together a new theatre production for huge public spaces.
WE ARE VERY EXCITED and SAVE THE DATES please:  The premiere will be on the 28th of July in Freiburg at the Stühlinger Kirchplatz, 100 metre behind the train station.
Directly after the second performance at the 29th of July, the production will travel to the Passagefestival, Helsingør, DK and afterwards to Newbury, UK.

05 | 05 | 17

Opening of Kunstfest Weimar

On August 18th PAN.OPTIKUM inaugurates the Kunstfest Weimar 2017 on the market place with the Production TRANSITion
The Kunstfest is very special for the Ensemble from Freiburg, in 2001 in Weimar was the premiere of Il Corso. A production of The Book of Questions by the Pablo Neruda. It was planned only as a commissioned work for a limited period but soon the play was invited to international theatre festivals in four continents and at the end it was presented more than 150 times.
For PAN.OPTIKUM at the Kunstfest Weimar  the international career started, without of this project like the Power Of Diversity – The Crossing Lines Project would not have been possible.
For that we are looking forward so much to come back to Weimar!